Who We Are

Additional Information

Owner, Lisa McMahan, started Luv UR Pet Sitters years ago when struggling to figure out what to do with my pets while on vacation.  Yes my pups would do okay in a traditional kennel, but with four furry family members this could be very expensive and they would be stuck in a cage the entire time with only 15 minute potty breaks.  I thought I was on vacation why shouldn't my pups as well.  So I started Luv UR Pet Sitters to offer affordable, customized pet care for other families.

When your furry family member comes to visit, they will be welcomed by Molly, a 14 year old American Cocker Spaniel I rescued from an elderly woman needing to go into assisted living and not able to care for her any longer.  Precious is my 9 year old OOPS! baby from my recently deceased black cocker, Abby.  Sadie and Lucy are 8 year old English Cocker Spaniels who are litter mates.  All my girls are very lazy, but they love to bark.  They get along well with everybody, but especially love people.  Also, I adopted Casper, my broken tailed cat, from a customer 6 years ago.  Although I brought him home, he's very attached to my husband, Michael.

During your furbabies stay with me, they will have access to my grandbabies as they come to visit often and are very hands on with all my guests.

Luv UR Pet Sitters is a home away from home for your furry babies.  They have the same privileges as my pets do, they get lots of attention and love.  I do not use crates unless they are used at home.  The exception to this is puppies are crated at night, to eat and if I am unable to supervise.  This is purely to protect the integrity of my home and belongings.

I invite everyone who is thinking of boarding or daycare to make an appointment for a meet and greet.  I'll gladly show you and your pets what we offer and discuss your concerns and needs in more detail.  When you're ready give me a call, send a text or email, or message me on facebook.  My guests keep me very very busy so if I don't answer immediately, I will get back to you as soon as possible.