Things to consider .......

1.  Is your pet social?  Does he/she get along well with others, including other dogs, cats, children, strangers? Pets staying with me are socializing with others inside and outside, children and adults, cats and dogs.  If you do not want your pet with other pets, perhaps  a traditional kennel is a better option.  All pups, male and female, big and small are together EXCEPT to eat and sleep.
2.  Is you pet an inside or outside pet? If he/she is outside at home, he/she will stay outside here.  If he/she is inside at home, he/she will stay inside here.
3.  Is your pet fully potty trained? All pets must be fully potty trained as they are staying in my home.  Accidents happen, but poor potty behavior is not tolerated.
4.  Is your pet properly vaccinated? All pets must be current on their vaccinations and a copy of such is required on or before arrival.
5.  Does your pet have behavior or social issues?  Most issues can be handled accordingly here, but it's an important safety issue for everyone to inform me of any issues prior to making a reservation.
6.  Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety?  If so, he/she will need to be evaluated for a few hours upon arrival, before I can accept them for a longer duration.  Excess barking and whining causes anxiety in other guests and caretakers.
7.  Is your pet destructive?  Does he/she chew on furniture, shoes, etc. at home?  Please inform me of this behavior before making a reservation.
8.  Does your pet have medical or special needs?  Special needs guests are very welcome, but in order to provide a safe environment for them please share their needs with me.  The more I know about your furbaby, the better I am to provide a "normal" and safe home environment for them.
9.  Is your pet kennel trained?  I do not use kennels/cages regularly unless they are used at home.  However any pet showing destructive behavior, aggression, poor social behavior or poor potty habits will be kennelled to ensure everyone's safety and the integrity of my home.

Your pet, my guests, my pets, my home and family are very important to me.  I take everyone's safety and enjoyment while visiting very seriously.  You know your pet better than anyone, so please share what you know with me and everyone will have an enjoyable stay.

Now if you are ready to make a reservation, or need more information, please give me a call.



As much as I appreciate all my customers and their faith in the services offered, it is necessary to establish some rules.
1.  In order to board your pet in my home, they must be fully potty trained.  Accidents happen, but pets are outside many, many, many times a day allowing no reason for them to potty inside.  Any guest that does will be limited to a tiled area and/or crated for the remainder of their stay.  If this is not acceptable to parents, please feel free to make other arrangements for the duration of your time apart.  New flooring has been installed and breaking this rule will NOT be tolerated.
2.  I no longer accept in tact males as they show too much "attention" to the females and other males. Also I do not accept in tact females as most males continue to show too much "attention" to them.
3.  Payment is due up front at the time of arrival or on the first visit.  No exception.  
4.  Proper documentation of current shot records are required to be on premises before or at arrival for boarding and daycare.  Absolutely no exceptions.  Failure to provide the necessary paperwork will void your reservation and other arrangements will have to be made.

All of these rules are common sense and consideration of others. By adhering to the few rules established, rates are able to remain the lowest in the area.  

Thank you to everyone for their continued and future support.